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Tony Packo's Catering - Hot Dogs with Pickles & Peppers on a plate

New Chicken Sandwiches From Packo's

You may have noticed we’ve added a few new items to our menuA tasty line of Chicken Sandwiches! For over 85 years, we’ve been more than just dogs.🐔🍟😀 Stop in and give them a try.


  • The Original Pickle Dill Aioli
  • The Bacon Cheddar Aioli
  • The BBQ Bacon

 The Original— Our first new Chicken Sandwich! 

  • A:  A juicy, lightly breaded chicken breast
  • B:  A freshly made Kaiser Bun
  • C:  Delectable Sweet Hot Pickles
  • D: A lemon sauce with a touch of dill
  • E:  All the above!

What makes our Bacon Cheddar Aioli Chicken Sandwich so special?

  •  A: A juicy, lightly breaded chicken breast
  • B:  Crispy Waves of Salty Sweet bacon
  • C:  Sharp and Tangy Vermont White Cheddar
  • D:  Freshly prepared Lemon Dill Sauce
  • E: All the Above!

BBQ Bacon with Sweet Hot Jalapenos!

  • A:  A juicy, lightly breaded chicken breast
  • B:  Crispy waves of salty-sweet bacon
  • C:  Sweet and tangy Packo’s BBQ Sauce
  • D: Our very own Sweet Hot Jalapeños
  • E:  All the above!

 Stop by Packo’s and see for yourself. Our new chicken sandwiches will satisfy your taste buds!

Which one will be your new favorite? (Our vote… BBQ Bacon featuring Packo’s Sweet Hot Jalapeños!)