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Tony Packo's Catering - Hot Dogs with Pickles & Peppers on a plate

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# of Menu Selections

Approx # of Guests Each Item Serves

Small Pan Large Pan
1 Entrée 8-10 20-30
2 Entrées 13-15 25-35
3 Entrées 18-20 30-40
1 Side 15-20 45-60
2 Sides 20-25 50-65
3 Sides 25-30 55-70
Chili Gallon = 10 Bowls / 25 Cups
Mixed Green Salad Large Pan = 20 Lg. Bowls / 30 Small Bowls 


Hot Dogs

Traditional Hot Dogs

Packo's famous hot dogs served with our original all-beef hot dog sauce, mustard, and onions on the side.
$30 / dozen

American Dog

Packo's American dog served with our original all-beef hot dog sauce,  mustard ketchup, and onions on the side.
$30 / dozen


Entrées Selections

Chicken Paprikas

Boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into large pieces and baked in gravy. Served with homemade dumplings.
$95 large pan / $40 small pan

Hand-rolled Stuffed Cabbage

Fresh, tender cabbage leaves stuffed with beef, pork, and rice. Simmered in a tomato-based Hungarian kraut.
$100 large pan / $40 small pan

Hungarian Chili Mac

Tiny homemade dumplings smothered in our original or chicken chili and topped with plenty of ooey-gooey cheese.
$95 large pan / $40 small pan

Slow Roasted Beef in Gravy

Tender, choice beef slow roasted for over fifteen hours, thinly sliced and served with rich beef gravy.
$195 large pan / $70 small pan


Chili & Salad Selections

Chicken Chili with Tortilla Chips

Boneless chicken breast, kidney beans, sautéed onions and tomatoes simmered in our own chili recipe.
$40 per gallon

Original Chili with Oyster Crackers

Hearty ground beef with red kidney beans simmered in Packo's original chili recipe.
$40 gallon

Hearty Vegetarian Chili with Oyster Crackers

Fresh vegetables, black beans, kidney beans, simmered in a hearty tomato-based broth.
$40 gallon

Homemade Coleslaw

Shredded cabbage, carrots, and sweet peppers blended in our creamy slaw dressing.
$75 large pan / $25 small pan



Side Dish Selections

Creamy Macaroni & Cheese

Our own version of an all-time favorite comfort dish.
$85 large pan / $30 small pan

BBQ Baked Beans

Sweet and Saucy, BBQ beans with bacon.
$85 large pan / $30 small pan

Hot German Potato Salad

Thinly sliced potatoes baked in a slightly sweet, slightly tart, warm bacon dressing.
$85 large pan / $30 small pan

Homemade Paprikás Dumplings

Tiny handmade dumplings smothered in traditional Paprikás gravy.
$85 large pan / $30 small pan

Seasoned Green Beans

Buttered and lightly seasoned with garlic.
$75 large pan / $25 small pan

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Idaho potatoes whipped with real butter and cream. Served with beef gravy on the side.
$85 large pan / $30 small pan


Dessert Selections

Freshly-Baked Strudel

Authentic Hungarian Strudel with choice of fruit filling.
$30 / dozen

Freshly-Baked Cookies

Soft and chewy, chocolate chip cookies.
$12 / dozen