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Tony Packo's Catering - Hot Dogs with Pickles & Peppers on a plate

Graduation Party

Think Packo's for your Graduation! Featuring Pulled Pork with Packo’s own spicy BBQ sauce.

Catering Packages and Graduation party special!

Starting at $7.99 per person (and yes, we still have lots of hot dogs)!


ALL NEW, slow-roasted Pulled Pork with Packo's own Spicy BBQ Sauce,
served on a Honey Bun.
Sold separately for $10 per pound or combination packages. 


  • Combination packages include: choice of two sides, Original and Sweet Hot Pickles, plus all paper products.
  • Our world-famous Hot Dog Combination Packages start at $7.99 per person / Pulled Pork combinations start at $10.99.
  • Our Pulled Pork is available only through the Packo’s Catering Department. 
  • Call (419) 350-2012 for DELIVERY today!
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