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Tony Packo's Catering - Hot Dogs with Pickles & Peppers on a plate

Donation Request Form

Tony Packo’s is committed to giving back to the communities where we do business.  We are dedicated to serving the area’s charitable and fundraising organizations through donations of Food, Gift Cards, Merchandise or Auction Items.

 Please complete and submit the Donation Request Form at least two weeks in advance of your event.

Unfortunately, we are not able to honor all donation requests.  Please accept our sincere apology if we are unable to make a donation at the time of your request.

Thank you.

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Organization Information

Name of Organization
Non-Profit? Please provide your 501(c)3 document when applying for the donation.
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Brief Description of Organization


Donation Information

What will the donation be used for and how will it benefit the community or an individual? Please provide information about such as a flyer, event announcement etc.

On what date do you need the donation?

Type of Donation requested?
For example: Gift Card, Tony Packo's Merchandise or Products (e.g. Jar of Sweet Hots Pickles & Peppers), an Auction or Door Prize. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC in describing below your type of donation requested and your mailing information if it is different than your contact information:

Note that we require a minimum of two weeks advance notice for any donation to be considered.


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