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Tony Packo's Catering - Hot Dogs with Pickles & Peppers on a plate

Front Street

Call - 419.691.6054

Available Options at this Location

Full Service Menu - Each person will be able to order what they want off of our regular menu.

Group Menu - Specifics on how Group Menus work.

(No Buffets Available at this location)


Rooms at this Location

The Balcony

Surrounded by our famous celebrity-signed hotdog buns and stained glass windows, you’ll feel a step above the rest of the Front Street restaurant in our Balcony. This spot is perfect for informal medium-sized parties and meet-and- greet events. Seats up to 30 people.

The Meeting Room

With an elevated view of the entire Front Street restaurant, our Meeting Room can accommodate larger events such as birthday and anniversary parties, rehearsal dinners, business meetings, funeral wakes, and fundraisers. The room is also able to be made into a semi-private area, and will seat up to 40 people. A manager would be happy to work with you in advance of your event to customize the Meeting Room to suit your specific needs.

Front street BANQUET ROOM

For events of 50 people or more, such as large parties, graduations, reunions, family gatherings, etc., our banquet room area puts you in the heart of the restaurant, surrounded by all the famous celebrity-signed buns, antique signs, and our long history. Our management staff can work with you in advance of your event to customize this area to suit your needs in terms of table arrangement and serving style. The banquet room is also close to the Packo’s Gift Shop for convenient one-stop shopping.