Waitress holding Packo's food near people at tables
Serving line of people being served Packo's catering
Close-up of Tony Packo's catering food, hot dogs, pickles, peppers, chili
Reserved Table with Packo's food on it, banquet room

Let Tony Packo's Cater Your Next Party!

Since 1932, Tony Packo's has been known for its exceptional food and quality service. Now the Packo's experience can be brought to you by Tony Packo's Catering.
  • We work while you play! We bring our Packo's mobile kitchen and cook up an awesome spread for you and 50-5000 of your closest friends! We include a full service staff to work your event, and if you're lucky you might even have Tony Packo as the chef.
  • For smaller gatherings, we also offer a delivery service.
  • Tony Packo's Catering is available for corporate events, private parties, wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, theme parties, sporting events and more.
  • We can set-up almost anywhere, from your backyard to banquet halls.
  • Tony Packo's caters extensively throughout Ohio and Michigan.

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